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Athenaeum 1 - Degradation

The nature of our true being is incomprehensible and unattainable from a daily perspective, remaining usually hidden behind the conceptual artificiality that covers our habitual perception.

By contemplating the quality of this artificiality, we discover that it has been constructed to deny a dishonorable underlying position

1496624888324423 - DegradationThe internal perspective, which allows us to perceive this concealment, remains inaccessible, as long as it pretends to be reached from an egocentric conception. We must consider that this conceptual structure has been constructed as a survival mechanism of an entity, as artificial as the environment, in front of which, it was created.

In this inherently fraudulent scenario, it is where a complex metamorphic process begins to happen, which finally ends up robbing us of the original magical vision of life and darkening the conscience; that will begin in this way to plunge, gradually and subjacent, into despair.

Unconsciousness generates despair and despair generates unconsciousness. From that unconsciousness emerges an underhanded victimization (constructed to cover up some cowardice) that will end up influencing, in one way or another, our conceptualization of reality.

This cover-up, which provides unconsciousness, it hides an underlying sense of humiliation, covered by a cloak of pride, from which, regularly, anger or fear is projected against adversity.

The difficulty in solving this suffering will increase, as its repetition in time consolidates those emotional habits that generate it. These habits, when they are pushed by the created inertia, they become uncontrollable, preventing any discernment that could show the abyss that separates consciousness from its origin.

When the negative conditions have matured, under the superimposed layers of erroneous actions and reactions, there is a continuous restlessness, that mobilizes an incessant activity of thoughts and speculations, with the pretension of sustaining a dreamy framework of autosuggestion, that makes credible what is objectively implausible.

Once the becoming of adversity has been identified as responsible for suffering, the victimized position that is acquired will determine an hidden reproach towards life and towards beings. This reproach will justify a potentially aggressive attitude, which will pervert the character of the person, who will be perceived as an innocent victim of adversity, preventing any discernment and equanimity. This anger, which underlies the behavior, it is directed towards the environment or towards the subject itself, thus eroding his self-esteem and his freedom, and preventing him from perceiving and discerning about the quality of what he really feels.

blake william nebuchadnezzar - DegradationFrom that position, the conscience will build a chosen personality, among the options offered by the environment, from where it will deny the depth of a conflict that surpasses it, concealing itself and supporting itself in a complicit framework, from where a fiction will be constructed that will defend itself from the obviousness .

Once this personality is built, the individual begins to feel rejection of the Truth. Like someone hiding in the dark, fearful of punishment, he would see the light as a danger.

In this process, all the harmful acts performed by the self-assigned victim, would be justified before an altar, insane, erected to deception, where the entity takes refuge and where it shows itself martyred by the injustices of Life.

By observing how this degradative process happens, we contemplate how thoughts are concerned with constructing and maintaining, conceptually, a well-intentioned image of the self: The image of an innocent victim, unjustly treated by adversity of live. In this way it is denied, to consciousness, the malice of certain acts and the cunning with which actions are carried out with predatory intentions, thus being justified any cruelty that the  victimized personality carries out.

To legitimize the rage, which will force the execution of cruelty, the victimized conscience resorts to the imagined belief that the damage it causes, it is much smaller than the hell that suffers, caused by the injustices of Life.

Degradación1 - DegradationIn this way, this fictitious entity, which usurps the true naturalness of Being, initiates a degenerative metamorphosis, in order to eventually become part of the force opposed to the Sacred (known ancestrally as the Devil).

The suffering, that the accumulation of acts, words and harmful thoughts generates, is lived victimized by the conscience, accusing the becoming of  the life (the Sacred in essence) of being the executioner that provokes the lived suffering.

This victimization has the power to justify any unworthy act performed by the victim, who seems to have forgotten that these acts lead him to oppose his Origin, preventing his return.

And so, dragged by this whirlwind and covering layers of deception this unfathomable drama, the unconsciousness and the existential irresponsibility increase.

A drama that will wait, until the day when the curtain falls and this dream interpretation is shown, behind which the deception tries to hide naively from the Truth.

This would be the genesis and development, synthesized, of the degradation of consciousness, until it ends in the belly of the Demiurge, from where it is impossible to see the face of the swallower.

A process that was transmitted and described, in other words, by our ancestral roots, to protect us. Roots that have been denied and cut by the inertia of greed, which today seduces consciences.

Extracted from the book “Huyendo del Origen” of Marsias Yana.

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