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Athenaeum 1 - THE BEGINNING


Some time ago, in a gathering around the fireplace, Icaro suggested the idea of ​​creating a virtual athenaeum, under the shelter of a unique library, where they could share and develop until its eclosion, those confidences that only survivors know how to listen to.

I thought it was true: in these times of deterioration, he who retains fidelity with his interiorities is, undoubtedly, a survivor.

Lis welcomed the proposal, and soon it was addressed towards me, waiting for my support, something to which I could not resist.

That is how I was involved in this athenaeum, which dares to open its doors with deluded pretensions, under the name of Biblioteca Eclosión.

That day, by the fire of the logs, we were aware that, in these times of banality, anyone who pretended to get out of the mind of superficiality, will be accused of conceit and vanity.

Although we also knew that something noble could never arise whithout being preceded by a brave act.

Soon a team, capable of starting this project, met. A project that was born with the pretense of reaching those rare survivors, mentioned by Icaro.

The daring is now ours.

The seriousness must be found, so that the encounter of survivors  may takes place.


Shortly after that meeting, I called Roger, proposing his collaboration in this athenaeum, which he accepted with special interest.

He decided to take care of the GOO section, from where he exposes his activity within the Occidental Original Gnosis, where he is the main Gentleman.

Mukta, a friend of mine, from Kerala, soon learned about the project and offered me the possibility of opening a sector dedicated to exposing certain aspects of the Eastern perspective of spirituality.

Lis decided to take care of selecting those questions that seemed interesting to her, collected from some encounters, the Contact  section and the editor’s email.
She knows well where to find the answers.

Macario, as a great reader who was, wanted to collaborate elaborating some introductory reviews to the books, to which Ambrosio joined -who loved poetry and wanted to inflame the reading-.

Parsifal, who was in charge of design, proposed opening a forum, where anyone could ask, but we all prefer to confine the interventions, by now, so to focus attention on reading the texts.

There were those who proposed offering the activities of the Crisálida Center, but to some of us it seemed something too hasty.

The central section of this site is dedicated to the exhibition of my books and articles (something to which I can not avoid a certain blush, given the delicacy of its contents).

Marsias Yana

Biblioteca Eclosión

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